Meet Frank, the heart of The 955.

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In 1971, having just returned from his US military service, Frank found work in the service department of the Porsche-Audi dealer on Van Ness Avenue doing what he loved: fixing cars. It was the perfect job for someone who was quiet but personable, a salt-of-the-earth man who liked working with his hands.

By the end of that decade, he had saved enough money to purchase a poorly maintained parking garage and converted it into an auto repair shop. This   was the start of Post Auto Repair at 955 Post Street. Bit by bit, Frank shrewdly saved his earnings to invest in more equipment over the years and eventually his business thrived.

From the beginning there was a sense of community, owing partly to the fact that the auto shop was a family affair: his brother was a partner and nephews provided additional hands during college summer breaks. Frank’s wife even ran a small coffee shop around the corner which became a popular spot for neighborhood senior citizens to chat with the friendly proprietor over a cup of locally roasted coffee. Through the years, the building would provide parking service for an area church, theater, and a few other businesses. For a while, it even served the neighborhood with a gas pump.

Like Post Auto Repair, Frank has become a fixture of the neighborhood. Even today, you might see him walking down the sidewalk, greeting shop owners and old-timers by name and with a large swooping wave of the arm. Just as Frank, now 72, was considering retirement, multiple bids came in from developers interested in turning his long-standing auto repair shop into housing. But the idea of a detached corporate developer building something that didn’t contribute to the community troubled Frank. Then during a family gathering, a niece’s husband with experience developing community-focused residential rental properties suggested that they go into a joint partnership. They could build something together and Frank would be able to keep his ties to the neighborhood that he’s been a part of for almost five decades.

His hands won’t be fixing cars anymore, but Frank’s love of the neighborhood will make sure that people don’t just live in apartments, they will have a place to call home. Frank is the heart of The 955 and we intend to honor that.


The Developer


The developer of The 955 is Unisource Development, a small family-owned operation with forty years of experience developing and managing properties. They have a history of being deeply invested in their projects, choosing to develop only where they have personal ties. Where the family goes, so too do their latest developments.

So not surprisingly, the opportunity for The 955 first materialized when a principal in the firm moved to the Bay Area where his wife – Frank’s niece – grew up. Frank’s trust, however, isn’t based purely on family ties. He appreciates Unisource’s dedication to building communities, not just buildings. 

The firm’s goals with The 955 are to foster connections, work with local businesses, and honor the location. Every decision is made with these goals in mind, whether it’s in choosing the most environmentally friendly materials or determining which local businesses will make commercial tenants that can best serve the residents and the neighborhood. Because this is how thriving communities are made.


The Architect

zone design and development

Zone Design and Development is a long-standing Bay Area firm with multiple residential projects in San Francisco.